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It was traditionally believed the remains of St Nicholas – said to have miraculous powers – were exhumed and taken to Bari, southern Italy, by Christian merchants in 1087, where they are held in the Basilica di San Nicola.

But the Turkish researchers, having analysed new documents, believe the merchants removed the wrong remains from the church.

The suspected tomb lies beneath a stone floor, complete with a mosaic.

Each individual tile from the mosaic will need to be removed and held in a mould.

However, most drivers are open to bargaining and it’s not been unheard of to obtain this for 80TL.

A final word of warning in relation to the airport comes with the food and drinks.

Additionally, if you are a little more flexible with your travel plans, there are other airports in the form of Dalaman and Izmir.

Geophysical surveys carried out by researchers on the St Nicholas church in the southern Antalya region of Turkey led them to think an untouched tomb is hidden underneath the floor, according to reports.With that being said, just one bus per flight is arranged, meaning that you still need to plan and take into account the official bus departure times.The journey tends to take no longer than 45 minutes, although during the low season this can be as little as 20 minutes.Earthquakes meant that this was destroyed in the Middle Ages – but what now stands in its place is a fantastic town that offers a little bit of everything for tourists. It has superb beaches, combined with bars, restaurants and several hugely popular night clubs.At the same time, there is a quieter side to Bodrum, with this mainly comprised around the Marina and Yacht Club.

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