Celebrity sex scam

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Celebrity gossip doesn't get much juicier than the not-so-secret secret famous guy who's trying to keep his name out of the press for having an extramarital threesome.Temptation to cheat is everywhere in Hollywood, with the lure of the unknown too enticing to resist for some.Whether it was a night with the nanny or shacking up with a co-star, these stars got caught with their pants down.Here are eight particularly memorable Hollywood cheating scandals: READ MORE: * Can an affair change your marriage? * Nannygate: Jennifer Garner's kids' ex-nanny could be having Ben Affleck's baby1.

As for the platform starting to charge for its services …answer’s on the wall: Always is always, right? Add Facebook Functions: new buttons (dislike, love, etc.) Hate to burst your bubble, but NO, you cannot add buttons to your Facebook account with various apps that spring up now and then.If true, then the story should have made at least one headline.If not, chances are you’ll find out it’s all a lie. Like and share schemes using atrocious images (maimed animals, suffering children) Social networks are known to have played an essential role in coagulating social movements or in raising awareness about various causes.Another masseur who heard about the case also standed out and tell the news-reporters that she is also a victim of Travolta's assaults. See who viewed your profile, and its countless variants This is the scam of a thousand faces.

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