Creating and updating school emergency management plans

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I will use this signal for beginning activities, transitioning, and when I need my students’ attention throughout the day.

Eventually I would like to make-up some words to go with the rhythmic clapping so that my students will really need to stop what they are doing in order to clap and rap along with me.

Teaching my attention signal will be one of the first things I teach my class.

I want to start the first day by introducing my students to this important element of our highly structured class.

I can see that no such rule should exist, as I would be putting students, some of whom have no control over their morning arrival time because of a parent driver, at a disadvantage.With these experiences and expectations, I will enter my classroom knowing who I am as a teacher and how I will use my life experiences to help me be a guide for my student’s educational experience.Attention Signal: For my attention signal, I am going to teach my students a rhythmic clap.My classroom experiences have impacted my approach to the type of rules I will make for my classroom.I always thought that one of my chief, non-negotiable rules was that every student must be to school on time.

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