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If you would like to see your credit report, contact one of the three national credit reporting agencies listed below.

Each of these credit bureaus may keep a credit file on you.

In the letter, explain why you think the record is wrong.

The credit bureau must include your letter with your report in the future.

Your request will need to include your name, address, previous address, and Social Security number.

A potential creditor may look at your "credit history." This is information they get from a "credit reporting agency" or "credit bureau." This information is called your "credit report" or "credit history." It is a file with computerized information about the payments you have made on credit cards, car loans or other types of credit.

There may be a fee charged if a credit report is requested and there has not been a denial of credit.

The law says you must be told whether you are approved for credit or not. Consumers should accept only as much credit as they can comfortably handle and should use it sparingly.

Federal law gives you the right to know what your credit report says.

The credit bureau must help you understand your credit report.

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