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But if you are the type of person who likes facts, then the Ethiopian flag is where we get the design of these colors all together. The correct order of the Rasta Colors is actually Red, then yellow and then green.

Here is the explanation, straight from a book on flags. The central golden pentangle with four radiant rays was added in 1996. It is set against a blue circle to denote peace and democracy.

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I will where red Gold and Green for as long as the Most High has me on this planet.Behind the counter hanging up on the wallwere these eye catching Rasta hats, Rasta belts and even sometimes Rasta t-shirts.I know it sounds weird that I could remember those things from such and early age but I do. Perhaps the “Red Gold and Green” made those memories more playful in my mind.Many Rastafari people’s identify each other on the street by these colors.This is not on purpose, but it shows that we have the same love in our hearts for Jah, the same feels for our identity, and the same love and hope for humanity.

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