Gerard butler angelina jolie dating

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PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler The last time we have Gerard and Morgan photographed together was back in July, when they were on vacation together in Mexico.Gerard Butler is in mid-flow, telling me a very funny – and characteristically self-deprecating – story about trying to persuade the producers of his latest film, The Ugly Truth, that he should swap his native Scottish accent for a put-on American one – 'But with an American accent you won’t be as likeable, they said. Well, we don’t, they said’ – when we are interrupted by a waiter.

And with the release of The Ugly Truth, a romantic comedy from the team behind Legally Blonde, in which Butler stars opposite Hollywood’s latest comedy darling, Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up), his stock continues to rise.After his father’s death, Butler’s naturally hedonistic streak took hold.The year he spent in America after graduating from university was defined by its decadence.As unreliable as he was entertaining, he disappeared from his children’s lives for 14 years.One day, when he was 16, Gerard Butler came home from school (St Mirin’s and St Margaret’s High School in Paisley where he excelled and rose to the position of head boy) to be told that his father was waiting for him in a nearby restaurant.

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