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Smallpox disappeared after vaccination was introduced to Japan in the Meiji period (1868-1912), but the bright red Daruma dolls remained extremely popular as good-luck charms -- today they are one of Japan’s most ubiquitous icons of good fortune.

But in later centuries, Daruma came to serve a wide variety of different roles.

The eyelids fell to the ground and sprouted into China's first green tea plants.

As we know, Zen's assimilation into Japanese culture was accompanied by the introduction of green tea, which was used to ward off drowsiness during lengthy zazen sessions.

Three years later, in the Pamir mountains, a Chinese diplomat named Sòng Yún 宋雲 is returning to China from a trip to the West when he meets Bodhidharma, who is on his way back to India, walking barefoot and carrying one shoe in his hand.

When the diplomat finally gets home, and tells this story, the master’s grave is opened and all that is found is one shoe.

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