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The excuse "I was looking for someone to talk to" is Baloney Supreme, IMO. There are a lot of other sites to find people with like interests to talk to.Thousands of social websites, that cater to just about every interest imaginable.

The 26-year-old reality star is left blushing on Celebs Go Dating when she's forced to announce her stomach is playing up due to a bout of IBS. " Melody then rubbed the stars back as Ferne loosened her skirt and tried to regain her composure.Until that point, things are going swmmingly with the stars double date, calling the man she's out with 'the man of her dreams' as she spends the evening with him, Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton and her date. " Mortified Ferne is then seen telling the camera: "Please can someone tell Lee to shut it with the s*** talk? I've ate that bit of break and it's gone crazy. Luckily, Ferne managed to see the funny side, recapped to the camera: "I've got a Pussycat Doll rubbing my back, while the man of my dreams is waiting at the table, KNOWING I've got bowel problems!However, as the night carries on she suddenly finds herself feeling funny - and immediately reveals she thinks she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. " Fellow celeb Melody then took Ferne to the toilet - where the self-diagnosing star started contemplating that she might have celiac disease. " Somehow, despite the mishap, Lee still sounded interested in the star despite the disastrous date and their meeting which saw fans label Ferne a "bunny boiler".If that fails then end the marriage then look for someone else.I think by going ahead and visiting the dating sites a person has no respect for their partner and is incredibly selfish.

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