Is wang zi and gui gui dating in real life

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They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags.

They stood next to each other looking very relaxed and comfortable, with Prince seen searching through his bag to make sure he had his passport.

Would there be a summary that actually pleased the high ranks of the central continent?

Popular Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang finally confirms rumours that she is dating boyband JPM’s Prince (Qiu Shengyi).

Nonetheless, I adore Rainie and if she’s happy having some fun I’m happy for her.

This cutie pie is a total looker though his acting and singing needs some major work.

Will he flourish as the Blood Elf, or crumple at the hands of another?

'The Classified Files of the Five Continents' Overlords' continuing the selection of 'the Bloody Overlord - Prince'.

In a desperate attempt to save the leader of the holy temple, the twelve knights join hands to pull Sun out of it; it was a success. Now in front of them is a beautiful white haired elf. On their way to finish the Dictator, the Execution Squad's "invincible battleship" crashes, separating everyone, landing them on foreign soil. I want her to join us." "Neo, that's not a her." In an alternate universe where Prince does not become a rock star, but rather fulfills his foreshadowing of becoming a revered player and ruler of death and blood, how will Prince handle his future?

***Please remember that the tags encompass ALL of the plotbunnies I will be posting; they do not all reference the same fic.*** Nearly a year after defeating Long Dian, Feng Lan finds herself living a normal college life with the exception of her professor constantly trying to take her out to dinner.

Yet the night she finally lets him, she learns that someone has taken Prince's image in a new game and claiming to be the Blood Elf himself... ) him/her for the night, then he ran away and met Ebonyfire who surprise surprise looks like Prince.

A glitch causes Second Life players to be logged in as Prince. ) Just a place for me to post plotbunnies, fic outlines, story excerpts, bits of dialogue, pieces of narration, or random chapters to go with plot bunnies that I haven't worked on otherwise.

Can Prince's friends survive and convince the rest of Second Life that they are Prince? Most are HP fandom, some are Merlin, and a lot are x-overs with HP - Merlin, Lot R, Avengers, Sherlock, Supernatural; even a couple of Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, a True Blood a 1/2 Prince, and some multi-fandoms.

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