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In the opening of the novel, Pip is faced with a mysterious encounter with an escaped convict, Magwitch.Near the end of the opening chapters, Pip is faced with another trial where he meets respected lady, Miss Havisham, who is trying to hatch her revenge against men through the help of her faithful apprentice, Estella, using Pip as her first victim.Throughout the novel we grow attached to him because Dickens creates lovable and innocent character.Dickens entraps the reader playing with their emotions.He “seizes” Pip by the “chin,” this violent gesture shows how Pip being a young boy must have felt extremely scared and in a state of shock.He uses words such “young dog” to refer to Pip which portrays that he might not be a much respected man and uses many slang terms in his vocabulary.Dickens compares Magwitch’s character to a beast, he “ravenously” wolfs down the bread, demanding to know where Pip is from and with whom he lives.He uses harsh demands to panic Pip “Hold your noise!

The fact that Pip is also the narrator of the story makes it more instructive, because he is able to interpret the meaning of what is happening, as well as see it through a child’s eyes.

Many other books written by Dickens are also written from his experiences in life like Oliver Twist and Hard Times.

Dickens’ sets a very “bleak” mood at the beginning of the novel.

He tries to find a way how to tell Pip how much he loves him.

Great Expectations is a novel revolving around the protagonist and narrator of the novel, Pip, whose life is moralised and shaped through two major events that take place in his life.

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