Online dating for kids 8-10

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I strongly feel that not just children, but the arrangements, frequency of visits, something so individual and private that it's best left for one to one contact with someone.

You can add, you can't take away, once something's out there.........think about that. When I meet women in person they don't seem to have any issues with me having a kid because they alrdy met me and seen how I am.Just please don't put the "my daughter is my world and always come first". This is supposed to be about a new relationship you're trying to create, not the ones you already i see people who call themselves a single dad i always wonder just how involved they are with their kids.... he has seen our daughter maybe 4 times in almost 11 years, not because i wont let him just because he dosn't care to make any more of an effort than that.... if he were trying to impress some new woman he just met, he not only would describe himself as being a father, in his own eyes he'd be father of the freakin year ....DO NOT decide what to do based on whether or not you get more responses.Leaving people to think you have NO children just to get more messages will likely result later in an equal increase in people being upset that you "hid" the information.

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