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Moreover, in several beaked whales, the accumulation of scars has been shown to have an overall gain rate with time ( Hobson and Martin 1996 ; Gowans and Whitehead 2001 ; Rosso et al. Intraspecific scarring has previously been described as being dimorphic with some male odontocetes having a higher prevalence of scarring compared with females ( Gerson and Hickie 1985 ; Heyning 1989 ; Gowans and Whitehead 2001 ; Mac Leod 2002 ; Scott et al. The pigmentation patterns found in Cuvier’s beaked whale have been described to differ slightly between the sexes ( Heyning 1989 ).

2005; Martin and Da Silva 2006 ; Rowe and Dawson 2009 ; Rosso et al. It has been proposed that this level of intraspecific scarring could be used as a possible sex determination cue ( Marley et al. This assumption has been used in previous studies to classify the sex of adult that could not be sexed by the presence or absence of erupted teeth or close association with a calf ( Mc Sweeney et al. It is generally stated that coloration in adult males is dark gray with the females varying in color from a dark gray to reddish brown ( Heyning 1989 ).

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) The melanoid is definitely too young to sex if it was born in october. Mature females usually have like a cone shaped cloaca so they look like they could be too young to sex too.

There's just no good reason to have such a big risk factor in your tank.

), sex determination may be achieved through genetics, observation of genitals, the presence/absence of erupted teeth, and calf association.

The frequencies of the individual pigmentation patterns were found to be sex dependent.

The 63% of the animals could be classified into either a “soft” or “sharp” pigmentation cluster.

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