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She's such a beautiful woman.'The ladies even went on to have a pretend cat fight for a skit on Saturday Night Live in October of the same year. It was great too because it was our idea to do the whole fight scene 'We thought it would be funny to answer the obvious question that everyone would be wondering..we get along famously.' However, relations between the pair went south after Gaga was accused of copying Madonna's song Express Yourself on her 2011 single Born This Way.Gaga gushed of working with her idol: 'Madonna's such a pleasure to work with and she's so wonderfully amazing. When asked by ABC News about the similarities, which were pointed out by many fans on the internet, Madge called the singer 'reductive.''Is that good? Famous faces like Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Adele have recently complained about being famous — though it's likely not the “making lots of money” part that bothers them.

Adele doesn’t know if she’ll ever tour again Lady Gaga, who battled depression over the years and took time for herself making her album "Artpop," sympathized with the former Disney star.While Zeff said the issue certainly isn't black and white, it does raise the question: Are they, maybe, faking it for their image?Hey Justin Bieber, here's a guide on how to say the right things "I do think that sometimes people might be lying, they might be ashamed to admit that they do like the attention," Zeff told The News.New study suggests chimps don't like Adele, Justin Bieber tunes Bieber, too, took a break earlier this year — mainly from social media — after he was ripped apart on Instagram for his former girlfriend Sofia Richie's young age.In recent interviews, Lady Gaga has gone in-depth on how she missed the human connection she once had with everyday people on the sidewalks of New York City.

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